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I have a material with a resistance of 65 kg/mm². Can I punch material with more resistance than 45 kg/mm²?

The capacities of our machines are based on a material resistance of 45 kg/mm2. We need to apply a formula in order to know if the machine has enough power. Once we know the resistance for the material punching (in this particular case 65 kg/mm2) and the machine power ( for example 80 Tons. - 800 kN ), we need the thickness of the material. Having known all that, the formula gives us the maximum punching diameter. As the general norm. if the resistance grows then the punching diameter might be reduced. You can calculate any cappacity in our punching capacities calculator

Max diameter = thickness x resistance / power




Can I cut flat bars or plate into very small pieces using the stop bar?

In order to cut very small pieces, we can adapt to the automatic stop a special part, as shown in the pictures below.

How to produce frames from Angles with our Hydracrop Series

Here are different ways of producing frames with a Hydracrop.

Cut at 90º L and 2 trimmings at 45º of the two wings (L cutting station)

Cut at 90º (L cutting stations) and 2 trims at 45º in one of the wings (Flat bars cutting station)

Cut at 9º0 (L cutting stations and 2 notchings (Notching station).

Why do punching tools break?

Here are the points to be considered to work properly and avoid rapid failures of the punches and punching station parts:

  • The punching stripper needs to be properly leveled with the die, so that when the material is lifted by the punch, the material acts on the stripper evenly. If the stripper isn't properly leveled this could cause a rapid failure of the punch, as the material acts as a lever and in a few cycles the punch could break.
  • The frequent lubrication of the punch lowers the resistance of the material when being extracted by the punching stripper, thereby it applies less pressure to the punching supplement.
  • Appropriate clearance between the punch and the die
    • 10% of the material thickness in case of normal bars.
    • In the case that the material that has to be punched has a resistance higher than 45 kg/mm². Apply the following formula.
      • Clearance = 10% of the material thickness x resistance of the new material (kg / mm 2) 45 kg/mm²
  • Punching with dull punches and dies

Not taking into account the above points, the condition of the punching parts involved in the extraction of the punch material such as Punching stripper 1/47, Supplement 1/49, Punch nut 7/6C, Punch sleeve 7/5, and Punch base 7/3C also accelerates the deterioration of the punch.



How often do I have to change the oil and oil type of the hydraulic group?

To perform any operation covered by this question, the machine must be turned off and power disconnected.
Any operation covered by this question must be performed by authorized, qualified, and trained operator in the handling of machinery.
Maintenance suggestions provided by the manufacturer for your machine are:
Always follow local regulations on Machinery Safety and disposal of oil.

  1. The oil level should be maintained, it can be seen through the sight glass of the tank.
  2. The hydraulic oil must be replaced every 3000 hours of work. To do this follow these steps: Stop the machine using the black button [j], turn rotary switch off and open the panels of the machines base to access the hydraulic .
  3. Open the filler cap of the hydraulic tank and remove the screen. With the help of a suction pump remove the old oil. If you not having such a pump follow the following steps.
  4. Unscrew the oil drain plug located at the bottom of the tank and drain. Replace the cap firmly using some sealant before.
  5. Filling up the hydraulic oil level sufficient to iso-tr3498 hm46 or ISO 46.

Find capacities according to the table: machine tank capacity
hydracrop - 55 80 liters
hydracrop - 80 100 liters
hydracrop - 110 100 liters
hydracrop - 165 200 liters
hydracrop - 220 200 liters
Close filler cap and base machine panels

What information do I need to order a punch and a die?

To order punches and dies is necessary to know the following information:

  • Machine model and corresponding serial number.
  • Shape and dimensions of the punch.
  • Thickness and type of the material to be punched.


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